Electrolyte Replacer, Cramp Eliminator

Don't Let Cramps Stop You.

Electrolyte Replacer, Cramp Eliminator

What is Re-Lyte?

Re-Lyte™ is an all-natural electrolyte replacement supplement and cramp eliminator used by world-class athletes who want to avoid chemically processed, unnatural products.

Each Re-Lyte capsule contains more than sixty trace minerals, including sodium, calcium, potassium, sulphur, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, iodine, manganese, copper, and zinc.

Re-Lyte Sport Caps contain electrolytes and natural trace minerals that support optimum performance and muscle recovery.

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Real Salt brand salt is the best tasting, healthiest sea salt you can find.

Find out why.

Know your salts 

How much do you know about where your salt comes from?

This infographic gives you a quick look at some of the biggest differences in the world of salt.


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"Re-Lyte is a great way to get electrolytes without the processed sugars and preservatives commonly found in sports drinks."

− USA Olympic speed skater Maria Lamb

"If you want to keep your stride long and prevent cramping, you need NaCl. I was reduced to a walk in an Ironman Triathlon. I got Real Salt at an aid station and within 10 minutes, was running again at a seven-minute pace."

− Cedric Smith, Ironman Triathlete

"I've been using Hammer nutrition endurolytes for some time now. Well on my last marathon in November 2012 I was using my salt tablets but still ended up getting leg cramps. I took my tablets in advance & quite frequently however they did not take effect. Well around mile 21 my friend Michael Hess stopped on his bike as I was trying to walk off my leg cramps and offered me with real salt tablets (Re-Lyte). He gave me whatever he had and as soon as I took the (Re-Lyte) tablets my leg cramping subsided. I was amazed at how fast they worked. They seemed to work and I was able to finish the rest of my marathon without any more leg cramps."

− Rosa Arambula

"I am a competitive mountain bike racer and since I have added Re-Lyte to my training regimen I have noticed that I am handling the heat better and my muscles feel better during and after rides. I take them before, during, and after rides and also other daily activities like hiking with my dog and running. I eat mainly a whole raw food diet and never put any unnatural products in my body, so Re-Lyte is right up my alley."

− Shane Myers, Kamas Ut.

"Re-Lyte Sport Caps are my preferred electrolyte replacement capsules. Compared to similar products that I have used, Re-Lyte capsules are smaller, lighter, and do not leak even when constantly jostled over long distances. Since beginning to use Re-Lyte, I have had no cramping issues during any of my long training runs and ultramarathon events. Re-Lyte works!"

− Jeff R. Fresno, CA

"Real Salt (Re-lyte) has done a tremendous job for me in preventing cramps while running marathons. I used it when I ran the Great Wall Marathon, the Gold Coast Marathon, and also when I ran a 3:09 marathon in Buenos Aires. After trying regular salt capsules and table salt, I've concluded that Real Salt (Re-lyte) not only works the best, but it tastes the best."

− Michael Hess, Marathon Runner

"I have tried your salt during long training rides at temperatures above 100º F. The result? Unbelievable! Your salt gave me back instantaneously a lot of energy that allowed me to continue riding my bicycle stronger and longer than what I could have done by using conventional energy drinks. It also helped my brain to stay alert, focused, and responsive.

− Enrico Bariani, Competitive Cyclist